Dear OATH guests,

We are informing all guests of the changes to business operations/policies due to the raid on Aoyama HACHI, by the National Police Agency Safety Division, January 29th.

To start off, we would like to give a brief explanation of the Entertainment Establishments Control Law (also known as the No Dance Law) that exists in Japan.
As some of you may know, this law states that clubs/music bars (also known as Specified Entertainment Restaurants) can be registered only under certain conditions. For example: every room of the venue must be over 33m; the venue must maintain over 10 lux in illuminance; and the area of the venue must be in a certain entertainment area (this includes Shibuya and Roppongi).
Without this permission, the venue can not allow any customers to dance, under the law.

Us, OATH, is no exception to this law either.
After an incident involving Aoyama HACHI last weekend, we held an internal meeting and made couple decisions according to our business operation/policies.
This does not mean that we are changing our business hours, but we are forced to make slight changes in order to maintain our business.

- Business hours/operation
We will operate in regular hours on weekdays(20:00 – 5:00) and weekends(22:00 – 9:00). However, we will restrict the volume and prohibit all guests from dancing, by law.

- Noise complaints
We will continue to strictly warn customers about having conversations around the residence, about littering, and about bringing any food/drinks to the venue.

- Current status of business permission
Aoyama HACHI/OATH/TUNNEL's residence is located outside the allowed area to obtain the permission of the Specific Entertainment Restaurant and also we do not satisfy the required condition in terms of floor space. However, we are in the special area zone where we are allowed to apply for Late Night Alcoholic Beverage Service. Aoyama HACHI and Oath have been seeking a revision for the conditions required in order to get permission as a Specific Entertainment Restaurant.

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